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Каких только журналов не издает Эльзевир... хоть и три рубля бы имел, а на все не подписаться...
Вот какой сегодня обнаружил:
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
А в нем израильские ученые обсуждают разницу в поведении покупателей из двух поколений:

Considering the age profile of ICT adopters in the beginning of the millennium the current research compares online shopping behavior between Generation X and Generation Y.

Вот появились два поколения, причем:

Both generations are characterized by higher rates of Internet adoption, compared to the older generations.

оба лучше пользуются интернетом чем совсем уж старые.

Gen X, which refers to those born from 1961 to 1979 (Gurau, 2012), is one of the most highly educated generations in history and is characterized by technological and media savvy, skepticism and pragmatism (Jackson et al., 2011 and Littrell et al., 2005).

Поколение Х, которому от 60 до 40, очень образованное, "наиболее высокообразованное".

Gen Y, which encompasses those born from 1980 to 1999 (Gurau, 2012) and whose members are also known as Millennials, is considered the first high-tech generation (Norum, 2003) and is perceived as being consumption-oriented and sophisticated in terms of shopping (Jackson et al., 2011; Wolburg and Pokrywczynski, 2001).

Поколение Y, от 40 до 20, рассматриваются как "потребительски ориентированные".

These generational cohorts have different experiences, values, attitudes and preferences that significantly influence their purchase patterns and shopping behavior (Parment, 2011 and Parment, 2013).

Ну вот, у них и предпочтения к покупкам разные... Мудрено, однако... Талмудические изыски.

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
Volume 31, July 2016, Pages 304–312
Generation X vs. Generation Y – A decade of online shopping
Sabina Lissitsa (a), Ofrit Kol (b),
(a) School of Communication, Ariel University, POB 3, Ariel 44837, Israel
(b) Department of Economics and Business Management, Ariel University, POB 3, Ariel 44837, Israel


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