November 30th, 2009


Премия за ХУДШЕЕ описание секса...

...досталась Гонкуровскому лауреату Jonathan'у Littell'у (Prix Goncourt in 2006 for "The Kindly Ones") за изысканную метрафору на тему вареных яиц в том же романе "The Kindly Ones", a 900-page epic narrated by a fictional Nazi officer. Роман написан от лица нациста, занимающегося в войну окончательным решением еврейского вопроса, а потому фетишистам раздолье - очередную девушку герой анально трахает на лежаке гильотины, крепко связав ее шаловливые ручонки, и не озаботившись исполнить ее мольбы "Please, fuck my pussy". Тут и пришла наградная метафора - свой оргазм красиво одетый (он только слегка приспустил брюки) герой уподобляет опустошению своей головы, подобно тому как опустевает скорлупа, когда ложка скребет и очищает внутреннюю часть яйца всмятку:

..."Una had stretched out on the bed of the guillotine; I lifted the lunette, made her put her head through it, and closed it on her long neck, after carefully lifting her heavy hair. She was panting. I tied her hands behind her back with my belt, then raised her skirt. I didn't even bother to lower her panties, just pushed the lace to one side and spread her buttocks with both hands: in the slit, nestling in hair, her anus gently contracted. I spit on it. 'No,' she protested. I took out my penis, lay on top of her, and thrust it in. She gave a long stifled cry. I was crushing her with all my weight; because of the awkward position – my trousers were hindering my legs – I could only move in little jerks. Leaning over the lunette, my own neck beneath the blade, I whispered to her: 'I'm going to pull the lever, I'm going to let the blade drop.' She begged me: 'Please, fuck my pussy.' – 'No.' I came suddenly, a jolt that emptied my head like a spoon scraping the inside of a soft-boiled egg."...

Если такова изысканная метафоричность ХУДШИХ описаний, как же описывают секс ЛУЧШИЕ?

Что за премия такая:
The award "Тhe 'Literary Review" Bad Sex in Fiction Award" was established by Auberon Waugh in 1993. It is designed to draw attention to the "crude, tasteless, and often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in contemporary novels, and to discourage it."

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