kaktus_okamenel (kaktus_okamenel) wrote,

Мнение гражданина США о гражданах США:

One of the terrorists who planned the 9/11 hijackings is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. While in CIA custody, newly released documents reflect that the Ron Jeremy-lookalike was waterboarded 183 times, far more than previously admitted to by government officials under the Bush Administration.

You Hear This Information and Think What?

Who freakin' cares? He's lucky we didn't attach jumper cables to his nads. 84.62 %
It's horrible, but we needed to do it to prevent further American deaths. 5.98 %
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others should be going to jail over this. 9.40 %

That our country has engaged in torture is one of the great shames of our generation; that we still have these thugs bragging about it is a continuing disgrace. Show them what you think—the people who find this behavior vile must speak up and act.


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